Be your Own boss and do what interests you

If you are interested in owning a store and making it on your own but do not essentially have the experience or resources to start one from scratch then franchising an established brand like Jaykirti can be a good option for you or someone whom you might know.

When you buy our franchise, you are essentially buying a business in a box that comes with a set of proven systems, processes, products, and branding so you are ready right from the start!

One of the benefits of getting our franchise is that you can leverage the existing brand recognition and marketing efforts that are already in place to attract customers.  Additionally, we will help you get started and succeed under our program.

Of course we will provide you with all the support however, ultimately, the success of a franchise depends widely on a variety of factors, including the franchisee's business acumen, the local market.

What you will need to qualify for a franchise 

1. Area : A space in high footfall area or a busy market place of atleast 300sqft +

2. Investment : You would require a capital of at least Rs. 25 Lakh*

3. Interest : You should have interest in selling designer brand with utmost care

4. Team : We advise that you should have at least 2-3 trained sales personnel 

(*Depending on the size of the store)



As a franchisee, you can expect support and guidance.  Here are some things you can expect:

  1. Training on how to operate the business
  2. Ongoing support and guidance on running the business
  3. Marketing and advertising support*
  4. Regular updates on industry trends and changes
  5. Help with managing inventory and ordering supplies
  6. Orders related assistance