Hacks To Carry A Saree More Gracefully And Comfortably?

Choose the saree according to your body-type

Choose chiffon or Georgette to balance out your pear-shaped body, buy more embroidered and beautifully printed sarees that cover your problem areas, if you are on a little heavier side. Buy more cotton ones to get a fuller figure if you’re skinny.

1.Make your pleats a little wider if you have slim shoulders, and make them narrower. Also, if you think the pleats make you look fat on the tummy, try keeping the pleats on the side instead of front.

Avoid wearing too much jewellery with a heavy saree

Always keep a pearl neck-piece and small earrings handy, this combination goes with almost any saree at all without making it look messy.

Blouse, Petticoat, drape – Perfect the basics first

Never wear a petticoat that’s too loose, it will only make it harder for you to handle the saree.

Wear your footwear (preferably heels) before starting to drape

Pro-tip: The lower end of your saree should be an inch above the floor to look most graceful. If your toe shows, it’s perfectly fine. If your ankle shows, you’ve done it wrong.

The pallu can make or break your look

Pro-tip: Never try to make pleats and pin-up the pallu in a net fabric saree, it just makes it more and more unmanageable and damages the fabric.

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